Single Channel Programmable Event Control Timer


The first Software Programmable Event Control Timer (ECT), a perfect choice for any timed event, can be used as a cycle timer, repeat timer, or for use in any application where a general purpose timer is required.  Many of our timers are used in haunted attractions to activate special effects.

Single Channel Programmable Event Control Timer with three events (delay event, event duration, and recycle delay) with up to 240 seconds (four minutes) per individual event activated by our PIR sensors or other input device.

Delay event will delay the start of a cycle after triggered by the sensor.
Event Duration the time the device or event will be active (ON).
Recycle Delay the delay after the event is completed before the timer will respond to another trigger from the sensor.
Repeat The PECT now has the option to operate as a repeat cycle timer instead of an event timer (a timer that responds to an externally supplied input). This Repeat Cycle Timer option is selected from the ECP software program.

Software programmable using our ECP Software (Event Control Programmer) a windows based software designed specifically to program our family of event controllers. Please note: The PECT does not ship with software, see below to download or order the software on disk.

Stand alone operation once the PECT is programmed by the software the unit is fully self-contained. Applying power to the device after programming will immediately start its event cycle when it receives a signal from the sensor. The PECT may also be operated from the PC to test its timing cycle.

Easy hook up using modular telephone cable. Designed to work with our Miniature PIR Sensors, but can be easily interfaced to a switch or other 5 VDC input device. (Sensor cables not included, but you can purchase the cable assemblies here).

Single channel 10 Amp @ 250VAC/28VDC SPDT Relay output.

Two Board designs available:
  1 - With enclosure and external wall transformer
  2 - Without enclosure with an internal (on board) power transformer
       for use inside a customers enclosure, or where multiple wall
       transformers would be impractical. (120 VAC input to the board.)

Data Sheet & Programming Software:

Single/Dual Channel Datasheet (136KB)
Download software here or order on disk below.
Event Control Programmer Software

Single channel event control timer great for haunted attractions

Front View

Front view of the single channel event control timer great for halloween animations

Top View


Wall transformer

9pin Dsub to modular cable adapter

7' modular cable (adapter to computer)


Single Channel w/enclosure Model #  S1-ECT-EXT Discontinued  
Single Channel no/enclosure Model #  S1-ECT-INT Discontinued  
ECP Software on 2 - 1.44 Disks Part#   ECP-V102 Price: $5.95

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