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Design Documentation

Proper documentation is vital to a successful product. Without proper documentation costly mistakes can be made on procurement, tooling, production, etc. With a complete set of documentation the customer may present this information to any production facility to have their product assembled.

The types of documents will vary depending on the type of project and which steps are completed.

Here is a listing of the major documentation that may be supplied:

Formal specification
Schematic drawing package
PC board schematic
Wiring diagram
Bill of materials (BOM)
PCB artwork
Layer artwork
Mechanical layout
Drill drawing -- Gerber
Silk screen artwork
Parts placement
Assembly drawings
Electrical assembly
Mechanical assembly
Mechanical component drawings
Graphic artwork
Component data sheets
Test procedures
QTP (qualification test procedure)
ATP (acceptance test procedures)
Software documentation
Software design document -- SDD
Source code - ASCII
Vendor data sheets
Procurement vendor listing

The documentation package is supplied on CD and/or paper to the customer upon completion of the project.

Email us at the design department to discuss your product ideas.


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