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1. Question: In my application I need 10 relays but I don't want to spend the extra money to purchase two of the 8 channel boards, is there any way to connect the 2 channel board to the 8 channel device.

Answer: Yes the 2 channel board can easily be connected to the 8 channel device to operate as a unit.  First you need to set the 8 channel board's dip switch to 'B =0001'.  Next connect the computer to the eight channel input and the output to the 2 channel device.  The 2 channel board's address is hard coded to 'A=0000' and can't be changed so these relays are accessed by sending AH1 (turn ON relay 1) or AL2 (turn OFF relay 2).  The 8 channel board would be addressed as BH2 (turn ON Relay 2) or (BH7 turn ON Relay 7).

2. Question: I have a question for activating a Halloween special effect.  I have a prop that uses a 12VDC air solenoid valve to activate the device.  Can I use the 12VDC power supply that's operating the prop to power the external version of the PECT.  The instruction manual says the wall transformer is 9VDC.  I really don't want to run another set of wires to the device.  The prop is about 25 feet from the power supply.

Answer: The 1 & 2 channel programmable event control timers were designed to use 9VDC but yes they may operate up to 12VDC without any problem.  What you may have trouble with, is the distance between the power supply and the PECT.  A solenoid creates a lot of electrical noise (spikes) that may be induced onto the power lines and may effect the operation of PECT.  To eliminate some of these spikes or (proper name is transients), put a Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) across the wires that are connected to the solenoid, the minimum DC voltage rating should be 10% above the voltage you are using 12VDC or 13.2V minimum. usually a 16 to 18 volt MOV will work in this application.  The device may work fine without the transient protection you just have to try it and see.  The power supply must also supply at least 300mA above the current required by the solenoid, also make sure the wires are heavy enough from the supply to the device so there is minimal voltage drop to the device.  These devices may also be operated from a 12VDC battery, (rechargeable gel cell).


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