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Complete Electronic Design from Analog Circuits to Embedded Microprocessors,
  Including Custom Test Equipment and Research and Development

Product/Service Overview:

Pencom Design, Inc. is a manufacturer and consultancy based in Trumbauersville, Pennsylvania with 16 years of experience in electronics design.  We have facilities for complete electronic design including circuit, schematic, PCB layout, hardware, documentation, prototyping and small-scale production.  Many of our customers have excellent product ideas, but lack the resources or expertise to bring their product design to market.

Most of our design work is subcontract for other industrial companies.  Many companies are skilled in the mechanical end of a product, but may lack the expertise when the product requires some type of electronic control system as in updating older systems.  This is where we can help -- designing a circuit to fit your product needs.

We supply our customers with a complete design package with all the required documents to build this product by any electronic manufacturer.  Several prototypes are usually built to thoroughly test the quality of the product.  Some small-scale products can be built in-house or under subcontract ready to install in your product.  We are associated with a local printed circuit board manufacturer that can supply the circuit boards for prototypes or full-scale production.

Additional Services:

If your product requires  ULŽ certification we can assist you in obtaining this endorsement as a consultant.  Underwriters Laboratories Inc. certification requires the product to be designed along certain safety guidelines.  If ULŽ  certification is required on your product the process must be started at the design stage -- before any tooling or molds are purchased.  Underwriters Laboratories may request some changes that would require re-tooling with all the associated costs.  We can also help with FCC licensing requirements, if applicable to your product design.


Prices are quoted per individual jobs.

Design Ownership:

Most of our projects transfer ownership of the design package to the customer upon final payment in full.  If we fund the project design costs or we manufacture the product, the design ownership remains with Pencom Design.


To protect a proprietary design you may wish us to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement contractually limiting any disclosure of information. This is not a problem at Pencom and is an excellent way of protecting your ideas.

Email us at the design department to discuss your product ideas.

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