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Product Specification Document - Example

Product Title:

Chemical Injection Proportional Flow Controller

Product Overview:

A controller that regulates the flow of a chemical that is mixed into another liquid flowing through a pipe.  It achieves this by measuring the flow rate and calculates the correct proportion, it then injects this controlled amount into the flow.

Inputs & Outputs:

Interface to a Standard Mfg. (Model # 15-321B) stepper control valve with position sensor.
Input from a Flowtron Mfg. (Model # 67FB) liquid flow sensor that has a 4-20 mA output.
Optional liquid level detector input with low level alarm
Optional RS485 communication port for remote control

Display & controls:

16 X 2 Character display with LED backlight for monitoring flow.
4 Key interface (Select, Up, Down, Enter)

Adjustment Range:

10 PPD to 2000 PPD user selectable range.

Power Requirements:

Power is hardwired into the enclosure with seal-tite connectors to keep out harsh chemicals.

120 VAC 50/60 HZ 1-Phase
240 VAC 50/60 HZ 1-Phase

Environmental Temperature Range:

-30° C to +50° C


Nema 4X - Dimensions approx. 8" X 6" X 4" wall mounted with clear face for viewing LCD.

Other Requirements:

UL® Listing

Proportional chemical injection flow controller example

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